Worried about overcharging? Here’s how you can set charging alert on your iPhone

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Have you ever heard charging alerts on an iPhone? Probably not. It is a pretty nifty feature that people usually don’t talk about. Nifty we say; it helps keep an iPhone battery healthy during its ownership period.
How? You may ask. The alert will let a user know that his/ her phone is charging and the remaining charge in the battery. Once the battery level reaches 95%, users will be notified with “Turn off the charge” voice note. This will help users save the iPhone from getting overcharged.
If you are wondering how to set an iPhone charging alert and need a quick explainer, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you with the process.

  1. Open Shortcuts app on the iPhone.
  2. Tap Automation on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Once the page appears, tap the + icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  4. The page will redirect to the New Automation screen.
  5. Now, tap New Automation and tap Create Personal Automation.
  6. Once the new window appears, scroll down and search for the Charger option.
  7. Tap Charger and two options will appear.
  8. Users can set a tune for ‘Charger is Connected’ and ‘Charger is disconnected’.
  9. Select either of these options, and tap Next.
  10. Now, select the Add Action button.

Here are some more shortcuts that iPhone offers its users.
Silence calls from unknown callers
Apple offers an option that allows iPhone users to silent all the calls received from unknown callers. With this feature you don’t have to block or ignore each unknown caller silently and you can also view a list of users who called you later so that you do not miss out on any important calls. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers.
Apple rolls out iOS 16.2
The latest big update for iPhones – iOS 16.2 – is now rolling out to users worldwide. The new version brings improved encryption for iCloud, a new karaoke mode for Apple Music, a whiteboard app, and one major feature for iPhone users in India.
Here are some of the top features that come to your iPhone with iOS 16.2.
Enables 5G connectivity in India
The iOS 16.2 update enables 5G connectivity for iPhone users in India. However, note that iPhone 12 and the newer models will support the 5G network in India. As of now, two carriers – Jio and Airtel – are supported, so you will be able to use the 5G network on your iPhone wherever the network is available.
Freeform – a collaborative whiteboard app
Freeform, first showcased at WWDC 22, finally arrives with iOS 16.2 on iPhone. The app is a collaborative whiteboard that can be used among users on iPhone, iPad, and Mac to jot down notes, sketch, draw, and more. And you do not need an Apple Pen to draw, and you can just begin with your finger and draw anywhere on the canvas.
Apple Music Sing – karaoke on your iPhone
Right in time for the holiday season, Apple Music Sing works as a karaoke right on your phone. The feature builds upon the real-time lyrics of Apple Music, further adding background vocal options. And there is also a duet view so you can sing with your plus one.

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