Vaani Kapoor to do a YRF OTT crime thriller, directed by ‘Mardaani’ writer – Exclusive

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Vaani Kapoor can’t keep calm. She is on cloud nine. We have heard from sources close to trade that Vaani is getting ready to do a web show.

The show will be produced by Yash Raj Films (YRF) and the ‘Mardaani’ writer Gopi Puthran will wield the megaphone.

Vaani and Gopi have already started working on the show. The actress has had long readings of the script with him.

Vaani was the first choice for this web series. In fact, she will be leading the cast pack.

Gopi suggested Vaani’s name to Aditya Chopra (YRF Head) and Aditya gave the final nod.

The shooting will start soon. A large part of the show will be shot in Mumbai.

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