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Shark Tank India’s Jugadu Kamlesh shows his upgraded product model to investor Peyush Bansal; shares ‘First year revenue target is Rs 5 crore’

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Jugadu Kamlesh is ready with his upgraded product model, which he has named Bharat K2. Peyush Bansal, CEO of an eyewear brand, had invested in Kamlesh’s product last season and now gave a glimpse of what’s in store.
Kamlesh and the team of designers presented the new model, which is more practical, faster, convenient technology wise and not manual. Explaining the latest version to investor Peyush, Kamlesh mentioned that the product will not only cover ground area but can also reach upto a height of 10 ft.

He said, “We did demos with the farmers on the fields and improved on the model.”
Namita Thapar joined Peyush to see the product. She praises the new implements. Here, Peyush mentioned that she will be shocked to know Kamlesh’s first year target. Kamlesh says, “Rs 5 crore.” Namita replied, “Good job, well done.”

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For the unversed, Kamlesh and his cousin Naru made a strong impression with their proposal for hand-drawn carts for farmers. Their sincere approach resonated with the sharks, leading Peyush to invest 10 lakh rupees in their venture, in exchange for a 40% stake. Peyush also offered Rs 20 lakh loan with no interest.

Kamlesh also received a lot of love and appreciation for his pitch on social media.

Peyush has been actively involved in the project and had once shared a glimpse of inviting them at his place to discuss the business model.

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