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Over 100 AP students fall ill, food poisoning suspected- The New Indian Express

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By Express News Service

GUNTUR: As many as 130 students fell sick  after consuming food at Gurukul school in Ramakrishnapuram in Palnadu district on Monday. Out of these students, 60 were admitted to hospital due to suspected food poisoning after they complained of vomiting and diarrhoea. As many as 650 students are studying at the Gurukul.

According to sources, a few students complained of stomach pain and nausea in the morning hours of Monday. The health officer at the school gave them the required medicines. However, the situation turned worse when several other students too took ill with similar symptoms. Later, they shifted the students to the Sattenapalli area hospital.

Condition of all students stable: Min

Several students of Gurukul school in Ramakrishnapuram in Palnadu district are undergoing treatment at a local hospital after they fell ill due to suspected food poisoning on Monday | Express

Joint Collector Shyam Prasad rushed to the hospital to inspect the situation. An eight grade student Ramani (name changed) who was receiving treatment said, “We were served chicken curry on Sunday afternoon and brinjal curry for dinner. A few other students along with me have been suffering from stomach pain and nausea since morning. But after eating lunch on Monday afternoon, several students suffered from severe nausea, and dizziness and were admitted in the hospital.’’

Minister Ambati Rambabu and Collector Sivashankar Lotheti visited the hospital and inspected the situation. They also interacted with the students and enquired about the meals they were served. Speaking on the issue, Ambati said that the health condition of the students was stable. He urged to the parents not to panic.

Collector Sivashankar said that over 100 students are being given treatment at the hospital, and a special health camp was set up as a precautionary measure by district medical and health department officials to provide the required treatment to the students at school premises. “Out of 130 students, 20 students have fever, and IV fluids are given to over 60 students, while others got panicked with the situation and fell ill.” He also said that the situation was completely under control.

A committee has been set up, including food controller, special deputy collector, a specialist doctor, and project director of the welfare department, to identify the reasons for the incident.

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