India 2(4)-2(3) Australia, FIH Pro League HIGHLIGHTS: India wins in penalty shootout, ends mini-tournament unbeaten

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Scores will read IND-AUS

0-0: Whetton misses for Australia. He tries to go to the right side and shoot but is not quick enough. Sreejesh keeps the pressure and the Aussie misses.

1-0: Harmanpreet scores. He hits the ball between Durst’s legs.

1-1: Harvie scores for Australia. He dummies a reverse but then changes direction to beat Sreejesh.

1-1: Hardik misses. His reverse shot is saved by Durst.

1-2: Australia goes ahead with a reverse hit from Marais.

1-2: Vivek misses. He goes for a turn and shoot strategy with his back turned. The shot goes wide.

1-3: Whetton scores. He keeps going to his right and slides the ball past Sreejesh. If India misses the next shot, it loses.

2-3: Sukhjeet with a complete 360 spin and a shot to beat Durst. India stays in the contest. If Australia scores now, it wins.

2-3: Sreejesh is able to save Ephraums’ shot but the umpire signals a penalty stroke. A referral from the keeper as Sreejesh appeals for a foul by the Aussie player.

The referral is successul. Ephraums stepped on the keeper’s foot. Chance saved! India stays alive.

3-3: Dilpreet with the shot. And he fires it home. He had his back to goal, but with the constant left-right to-and-fro he beats Durst.


4-3: Harmanpreet scores! A 360-degree spin to feint a shot. He hits it then with the keeper on the ground.

4-3: Whetton misses. Sreejesh with three back-to-back saves to deny the last shot from Australia.


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