COP28: Important takeaways from the first week of COP28

Here’s what we expect from the second week of the United Nations climate change negotiations

On the latest ground report from the COP28 venue, CSE Director-General Sunita Narain breaks down the important takeaways from the first week of COP28 negotiations and her expectations for the second week.

The first week of COP has been eventful, with a handful of announcements regarding climate finance. The negotiations also brought the hot topic of fossil fuels and global stocktake to the centre stages of COP28. And even though there are a lot of missing points, the initial week of negotiations looks promising and does encourage us to look ahead to the second week.

As the negotiations continue, more equitable pledges on global stocktake, more stringent measures to phase out fossil fuels and more clarity on climate finance are expected in the second week of COP28.

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